The Texas Woodworkers Shows is a LLC that was created to support a group of woodworkers who make and distribute wooden toys to children in need, at no cost to the children.  This group has provided between 3,000 and 5,000 toys annually and the entrance fees to our shows are dedicated to supporting this program.  In addition to our show receipts, The Texas Woodworkers Shows has a series of events designed to raise the needed funds for the toymaking.  While all labor is provided free of charge, the cost of materials, equipment, facilities, and distribution must be addressed.

Welcome! In addition to this website, you can contact the Texas Woodworkers Show at 3614 Thistle St., Houston, TX or by phone: 713-503-2284


 Currently The Texas Woodworkers Shows is conducting a golf tournament to support our on-going costs.  The tournament is held at the Country Place Golf Club in Pearland, Texas and it is anticipated that the proceeds will cover the costs of materials for the 2013 program.


The Texas Woodworkers Shows is an LLC designed to provide shows where wood craftsmen/women can exhibit and sell their works.  Each show will be independently presented and the exhibitor/sellers will vary from show to show.  While the Texas Woodworkers Shows features artists and craftsmen working primarily in wood, there will be instances where the products contain components made from other materials. 

While every effort is made to insure that the products offered at each show are handcrafted by the presenting artists, no guarantees can be made by Texas Woodworkers Shows.  As technology increasingly enters the realm of woodworking it is envariable that there will be products offered that are not completely handmade but reflects the artist's use of these technologies.



If you have an interest in being a part of any of our shows, please contact us to make all arrangements.  We will need to know what product(s) you will offer for sale, the price range for your products, and what show(s) you are interested in participating in.  We welcome all woodworkers and strive to have a variety of artists/craftsmen at each show.  While there will be some duplicate products offered, we will limit the number of exhibitors offering the same or similar products to protect the individual exhibitors.  Assignments will be made on a first-come / first served basis.





The idea behind the series of Texas Woodworkers Shows began with the effort of the Woodworkers Club of Houston and their Toy Project.  The slideshow below shows some highlights of that program.